Monday, 3 December 2012

One of the signature experiences of Colonial Williamsburg is the carriage ride. It has got to be the best way to tour the restored colonial capital city.

Mark and I have yet to take a carriage ride through the Historic Area. Either the rides were sold out. Or, like this weekend, we didn't have the money to hire a carriage.
Because, that is what you are doing. Similar to our taxi service, the carriage ride was the 18th century taxi service.
This coach woman took a few minutes to speak to me. In 1775, only men drove coaches. How far we have come. She told me that not only did she had the best seat in the house, but the best job; she got along with her co-workers and they didn't talk behind her back.
If one had the means, one could hire ones own coach. The coach man came along with the coach and horses, of course.
As if on clue, this gentleman and his lady appeared, preparing to attend one of the holiday parties.
But they were kind enough to stop and allow me to take a picture.
Aren't they a handsome couple?
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