Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Master Thespian's A Christmas Carol


Amoung the activities Mark and I enjoyed during our outing in Williamsburg, was Street Theatre.
Thanks to the Virginia Machine, we were treated to  a Master Thespian's A Christmas Carol.  We had the honour of being part of this  extravaganza as Master Thespian attempts the gruelling and stage defying act of recreating Dickens’s classic tale of redemption.
  In under 30 minutes!
 Master Thespian (Ed Whitacre)  will put himself in psychological harms way as he exposes his inner soul to the full range of emotions needed to transport his audience from laughter to pity to shock to love to despair to hope.  And the audience gets to share this madness of managing lights, sound, sets, props, puppets, costumes, along with special-effects.

Mark and I had a first row seat (we were really standing) to this hilarious 30 minute play which aims is to get the performance in under twenty minutes. Included in this feat, are two children and an adult pulled out from the audience.
(Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas Past.)
If you happen to be in Merchants Square, you have got to stop and with a cup of hot coco, watch this show. Since the show is outside, if the weather is bad, of course there is no show. It is a two man show and I am frankly quite impressed at the magic these two pull off.
(Jacob Marley)
The show is fast pace and a laugh a second. I love how the song Yesterday got woven into the story as Scrooge recounts how he lost the love of his love.
This is the 5th year of A Christmas Carol being performed in Williamburg and from the size of the crowds, it appears to be one of the beloved events of the season.

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