Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It is a lazy, winter day here in the Reel House.
Montague has dragged my yoga pants out of the laundry bag and is now sleeping on the dirty garment.
Mark is in the kitchen, making latkes for the morning meal. Once our tummies are full and warm, we plan to make it a C.S.Lewis Day.
One of my favourites; Chronicling Narnia is an indepth study of the seven books series. Those interviewed are people who knew Mr. Lewis, former students and friends who share insights about the man and the children's books he wrote.

Beyond Narnia is a visit with Mr. Lewis himself, his sharing his own life story, including how he came to lose his faith, find it once again and came to write the Narnia tale as well as how he came to meet the love of his life....
Ah...I smell latkes.
Time for a quick shower and change into fresh Jammie's.
Later :)
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