Saturday, 28 January 2012

Enjoy The Moment Your In

Lailia Tov
(Good Evening)
It is a quiet evening.
Mark is at his laptop, working on some online training for the army, Montague with his tummy full from dog food and leftover lentil's, is sleep on my office chair and I am in the living room, blogging.
Tomorrow we will to attend a marriage class at our former church (more about that later). It is an eight class and we are enjoying it.
Then we will go to hospital to see our friend David. Many may remember a year and a half ago, my friend David was quite sick and we took into our home to nurse him back to health. Well, he is, once again very sick and needs prayer.
Afterwards, we will come home, take Montague to the park and then come home.
The past years and some months, Mark, a Army Reservist, has been looking for a job. He has applied to several city high schools as a science teacher.
No calls.
He has skills as a manger.
No calls.
He has had interviews, second interviews. No job.
We have prayed, cried.
No job.
We hold onto our faith and each other. How we can relate to Job; all hell is breaking loose and only G-d knows why.
Questions. Doubts. Yes.
Struggle. Yes.
And still we hold on. So many of fellow Americans are going through the same thing. So many job seekers; so few jobs.
And yet we have seen miracles.
Miracles of people sending us money to us out. So many times we wondered where the money for the rent, the car, etc, was coming from.
And then, someone calling, saying they have money for us. There would be a check in the mail.
And of course there have been the trips we have been on that count for Mark's training as well as his Reserve pay.
So many people praying for us; we in turn pray for them as well as others.
Mark and I began to learn to enjoy the moment we are in.
I remember this from when Mark was coming through cancer treatment. We took each day, each moment as it came. We would talk about how the coffee we were drinking tasted. Or laughed at the birds fighting over the bread crumbs we toss. We marvel at each sunset and rejoiced in each shabbat.
That was seven years ago.
And once again we find ourselves embracing the moment. A time as Mark looks for work, we also enjoy taking long walks with our dog, cuddling on the sofa, watching a movie and throwing bread crumbs at the birds, watching them fight over the pieces. We hold each other as we we saw the sunset and read the bible to each other, encouraged the Holy Writ.
One day, I will wake up, say my morning prayers and breakfast for my husband as he prepares to go to work and I will have to get use to his being gone for eight to ten hours a day.
But today is not that day.
Right now, I am enjoying this moment.
Mark looks up from his laptop and gives me a smile.
Yeah. I am enjoying this moment.
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