Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Write the Vision and Make it Plain Part 2

For everyone who has prayed and send forth good thoughts for Mark and I, I would like to say thank you to each of you. I am happy to report my depression is lifting, I am able to focus on my husband, my home and now our little Montague.
I find it easier to pray these days. But to be honest, struggling with prayer, struggling with faith is not a bad thing. For it means something to you.
I think of the caterpillar in the cocoon. It doesn't know once it's out of this case that it is going to be a creation of gentle beauty. It just knows it has got to get out. It is the struggling that transform the caterpillar into a butterfly. If someone saw the struggle and tried to help by cutting the cocoon, mass of deformed that comes forth will quickly die.
So was my prayer/faith life this past year.
I feel like I shall soar soon.
As I write this post, Montague is sitting next to me with his head in my lap, Mark is working on homework.
Today was Mark's second day at Security Consultants Training Academy. And he is loving it.
Now that Mark has a clear vision of that he would like to do, he is moving forward with gusto. Last week his Job Coach suggested Mark trim his resume a bit. Though it is a page and a half, it is still too wordy. Employers don't have much time to resume every resume that hits their desk, for one needs to write in short bullets to catch the employers attention.
Step, he needed to find where in the market place his skills and experience fit.
Which brings me to  Mark was finding this Academy online.
 While Mark has experience as a Security guard, the career he is training for is a higher level of security. In the world we now live in, we need people with those skills for our national security. And Mark fits the bill.
And it is something he enjoys.
The past two days, Mark has been full of stories of what he is learning. His eyes actually dance. And he has hope.
During supper, I told Mark his experience could help someone else who is looking for a job, who is feeling discouraged.
He nodded and suggested I make this tonight's blog entry.
And I did :)
1. Define what you really what to do.
2. Define what skills you have.
3. Be willing to learn another trade. Or take courses that can improve the skills you already have.
4. Look over your resume. Make sure it is updated, not too wordy and make sure it targets the market(s) you wish to work in.
And the most important; don't give up
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