Sunday, 22 January 2012

Monte's Hunt For Chocolate

On December 25th, Mark and I went to visit family. It had been several months since we had seen his sisters, for it would be to get together with them.
This would be Monte's first afternoon alone.
We were told to put his bed and toys in the bathroon and Monte would stand there until we came back home.
We found that not to be the case.
While we were gone, Monte managed to open the bathroom door and headed for the livingroom. There, sitting on the coffee table a small bag, containing a tiny piece of fudge.
After enjoying Miss Laini's last piece of fudge, he found the plastic bag with his treats sitting on the sofa.
Play dirt.
So, about four hours later, we found the evidence of a tore white bag and half chewed plastic bag. Mark qickly took Monte outside for a long walk.
Later, fudge-face needed a bath....
It was a relief to find out that Monte loves a bath, though he hates to go out in the rain.
Monte also likes to cuddle.
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