Wednesday, 11 January 2012

In The Hands of G-d Part Three

Well it is a rainy night here in Norfolk. A nice evening for hot coco and a good book.
Mark is looking for a job online while I catch on the blog.
Right now, we are taking things one day at a time.
Yesterday, I took all the bills, laid them on the dinningroom table and prayed; "G-d, we cannot pay these bills. We don't have the money, we don't have jobs, we have no way to pay these bills. So I am giving them to You. Our hope is in You. I believe, somehow, someway, You will provide for us."
Yeah, I know it sounds strange.
But I do believe that the Creator is our Father. That He indeed listens to our prayers. That He does answer. It might not be the way or matter we wish, or in the time we think, but He does answer.
I remember years ago, one of my friends said to me, "good morning, beautiful."
I laughed and asked if I am so beautiful, why doesn't I married. Or at least someone ask me out everyonce in a while.
His answer: "G-d is preparing your husband."
Excellant answer and quite right.
Many times we may be ready, but G-d is still working out the details.
Or we ourselves may not be ready for that new job, that house we are praying for other for that mate.
Sometimes we forget, G-d sees the whole picture, whereas,we can see just so far. And that means learning to trust our Heavenly Father.

I took this picture just before Mark and I took off for New York. At first, it was just a cute picture.
But now I see it a little differently.
While dad is watching for the traffic, son was looking down at his little legs on the petals. He had no fear of where his father was taking him. He trusted his daddy enough to just go for the ride, knowing his daddy will get him where-ever they were going safely. Total trust.
That I would be as trusting of my heavnly Father as this little boy.
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