Saturday, 21 January 2012

Time to Go

Shalom: more pictures from SkyTop Ladge....
Sorry, no matter what I do, the these two pictures won't right themselves.
This is Mr. Bill, the very first friendly face you see when you arrive. He is retiring soon, so the next time we go to SkyTop, he won't be there. He not only remembered remembered our names during our first visit, but actually said: "Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Reel." He even thanked us for our service to our nation.
An amazing memory.
One of the lovely porchs. It was a chilly day. Still nice for a brisk walk around the grounds.

Yes, it is quite chilly out here...
Sipping hot coco in front of a roaring fire is in order.
This is the bridge that leads both to and from the Lodge...
On our way home. It was an amazing weekend, filled with good food, meeting new friends and learning how to keep the Bonds of our marriage strong.
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