Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our Pal Monte

Thank you to everyone who comment about the newest member of our family, Montague. Yes, he is a dear, he is indeed a gift from G-d, a small package of fur.
Even now he is sitting at my feet, looking at Mark.
I remember one evening, Mark said, "we need Monte more than he needs us."
It true. As we go through this storm in our lives, we do need this little furry bundle of joy.
A very social dog, when taking Montague for his walks, he doesn't mind at all people stopping to pet him, showering his greeters with kisses.
Dogs, however, a different story.
While we find he gets along with most dogs, he isn't like PitBulls. He gets along pretty with the big dogs in our neighourhood, from time to time I do have to pick the little guy up, since he thinks he is much bigger and badder than he really is.
For example, we took Monte for a doctor's visit at the SPCA this morning. It's much cheaper, so there is no excuse not to have a pet cared for.
As we were checking out, a Great Dane came in.
Thankfully, Mark had a good handle on Montague, because he was up, barking and every to take the Great Dane on.
As one of the Assistance said, "little dude, you are way out of his weight class."
We knew Montague was an older dog, it seems he is at least 13 years old. And he looks very good for his age. He does have gum disease that has to be treated, there is a good chance he might even lose his teeth.
Sadly, we just can't afford to take care of his teeth right now.
So, after my own test this afternoon, while Mark had a doctor's appointment, I added the needs of our little guy along with our own.
There are times it is hard, but one has to keep holding on, keep praying, keep believing.
And then I see Monte looking at me. Then at Mark.
He trust us. He knows we love him and we will take care of him. He has faith is us.
The same trust, the same faith, Mark and I have to have in our Heavenly Father.
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