Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our Hanukkah Joy

Hanukkah is one of our favourite holy days. For eight nights we light the candles and remember the miracle that occurred so long ago.
We went to celebrate with friends for one of the nights of Hanukkah. It was a very special night since there were two families at the gathering the hearing from Hanukkah for the very first time.
We had of course latkes of course and one of the ladies brought curry chicken, which was a amazing.
During this time, our hostess asked for prayer. The family was going out of town to visit family. They had two dogs and they needed someone dog sit. They had found someone to watch Lady, but Monte was still in need of a home.
Mark and I looked at each other, and then offered to care for Monte.
And that is how Monte came to visit.
And this is Montague Theodore Burt. As you can see, he has taken over my sit. When his family dropped him off, Monte walked around the apartment, checking out his new digs. He then walked over to where Mark sat and watched him at the laptop.
Then he came over to where I sat and tapping me with his paw, I looked down and found Monte wanted to sit in my lap.
Monte, checking out my facebook page.
Monte is a sweet little guy. Loves to be held and petted. He loves to be brushed and talked to. We were told he likes to sleep in the bedroom and figuring it was just a week, we could do that. It was funny watching Monte drag his bed where he wanted it and fluff it up.
So for one week we had this little of Hanukkah joy. For Mont brought much joy and laughter in our lives. From taking him for walks to watching Monte and Mark wrestle on the floor to being washed with doggie kisses, the house was filled with laughter.
And he brought something for us to focus on.
Mark is still looking for work. It has now been four-teen months. Recently I learned I have some sort of blood disorder. Plus I am being treated for depression.
Monte gave Mark and I something to focus on besides ourselves. In Monte, we both have a being that needed our attention and care. And in doing so, helped to lift the cloud of depression.
I knew when the time came, it would be hard for us to give him back. We had to keep reminding ourselves, Monte isn't ours.
Mark even asked if I thought his owners would be willing to sell Monte to us. I said I doubt. And if they did, we can't afford to take care of us, let alone a dog. besides, there is our teen-age niece to consider. I don't wish our niece to think we stole her dog
But he is a cutie. And my Mark needs a dog.
So I have been praying: "L-rd, if we get a dog, You are going to have to give us the means to care for him."
Funny how G-d answers prayer....
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