Monday, 30 January 2012

Write the Vision, Make it Plain

The past year and a half been an interesting one, to say the least.
The looking for work, readjusting our lifestyle, struggles with health and faith. We have believed, trust and even questioned G-d.
But we have not lost our faith.
Saturday morning, Mark and I were talking about his needing work.
The verse from Habakkah 2:2 began with echo in my head...."write down the vision and make it plain...."
It slowly dawn me that Mark's life has been the military. As such, he really doesn't have much experience in the civil workforce. In fact, other than teaching, Mark really hasn't nailed what he would like to do. Since there is a hiring freeze on teachers, Mark hadn't even been able to work, other than the tutoring he has done, here and there.
So I asked him, "what you really want to do? You have so many resumes going out, in so many areas. I think you should narrow your list down and focus on what you would really to do."
Mark said he had been thinking about this. He really didn't want to teach. He would have too many compromises in his faith to teach science. He would love to teach Intelligent Design along with Evolution, but outside a private religious school and/or tutoring, it wouldn't happen. 
So, what you want to do? What are you really good at?
Since his MO is Civil Affairs, he has very good management skills, works well with the public and like to serve. 
Mark then told me, the night before, he had found online a Security Training Academy, which is own and run by a Veteran. The Academy trains for high level security positions. And the pay is very good.
As he began to tell me about the school, the smile on Mark's face was huge. Not only did he have experience as a security guard, but his military experience in this field would come in handy.
"If I get a job working security, this would the first step in our getting back on our feet. And who knows, I might even wish to stay with this."
I can see that.
So, this morning,  after the morning meal, I kissed my beloved goodbye, sending him off to school.
It is during this time, we learn that Montague is not a morning dog. He didn't even come to go Mark a kiss goodbye.

I cleaned up from breakfast, showered, dressed and by this time Sir Montague was up. So we went for our morning walk.
It was a beautiful, but slightly chilly morning.
But that stop us from enjoying our walk.
It's going to be a beautiful day.
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