Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Reel Dog; A Gift of Love.

As our readers know, for the last week of December, we had the joy of a little visitor known as Monte. His family had gone out of town for the holidays and we were watching their dog.
We fell in love with Monte and Monte with us.
Little Monte came into our home and just plain took over. Not that we minded. He was joy to have. Both Mark and I knew we would have a very hard time giving him back. But we also knew that G-d brought this little guy into our lives. We needed something outside ourselves to care for, another purpose, even if was for only a week.
And then the miracle.
It was Januray first. I had just gotten off the phone with a friend and was dressing when the Burts came for Monte.
To be honest, I was dreading going out into the livingroom to say goodbye to Mort.
But when I came out, I was greeted with a surprise.
Mark told me that the family, seeing that Mark and Monte have bonded, seeing how happy Monte was here, they offered us Monty.
Mark and I were floored. We knew this family, we knew how much they loved Monte. But they had another small dog and felt both needed lots of attention. Monte was really a one family dog. And he loved us.
Mark and I looked at each other. This was clearly a gift of love from our friends. From G-d. Yes, I was concern as to how we would care for him, but this is where trusting G-d comes in.
Since we would be going to a marriage retreat the following weekend, it was decided that Monty would back home. Plus, there was a teenage daughter who had to agree to this arrangement.
So, the monday evening after the marriage retreat, we went to pick up Monte. It was emotional for he is so loved. It was for a two week trial period and if the daughter saw that Monty was truly happy with us, we would adopt Monte.
Two weeks later, Saturday, the Burts came over and spend some time with us. Our girl could see Monty was happy. So as of Saturday afternoon, we have a Reel Dog.
His name, Montague Theodore Reel.
Isn't he cute?
Yeah, their up to something.
We have prayed for healing for my body (I have a blood disorder, more about that later) We pray for Mark to find a job. We pray for money we need to pay our bills.
And G-d answers by sending us a dog.
Ah the ways of G-d.
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