Monday, 9 January 2012

So it is Januray

So now it is January.
Our weather here in Tidewater, has as always been up, down and all around. The first of the month felt more like autumn and the next day we were back into sweaters.
We had one more army event to attend this month, called Strong Bonds and I shall write about that soon.
Mark is still out of work, still looking for work and doing some training online. I plan to take some online courses as well; my will be on gaming. There are a few games I truly enjoy and I would like to try my hand at it.
Thanks to the anti-depressed medication I am now taking, my mood is so much better. For the longest time I felt I was in this dark fog, not even knowing up from down. An icky black I felt choke the life out of me. This wasn't just the blues, but a deep shroud that was wrapped around and stealing my breath. All I could do was sit and stare.
Or cry.
Mark, seeing this, was wise enough to call my doctor and she quickly saw me...
That was about three weeks ago. The shroud is gone and I can now face the day instead of wanting to sleep it away.
I can now write again. Take care of my home again.
Pray again.
So this is do I have lots to do. Lots of projects such as this blog to catch up on. Time to spend with my beloved. Time to study Torah and pray.
And yes, even bake goodies for friends.
So this is January. The weather is great for making soups, hot coco and popcorn. Time to work on a quilt or draw pictures with the children, A good time for an evening of Scramble and Uno.
 Quiet evening to cuddle with your beloved on the sofa and watch the fire in the hearth.
So what does January hold for you?
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