Sunday, 14 April 2013

And We Are Out of Here

It was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon the Reel tribe took off for Montana.
I had done most of my crying earlier in the week.
Virginia had been my home for some 33 years. I came here with my first husband, with hopes of saving our marriage.
And you can see how well that turned out.
It was here that both my son and I grew up. Where I reclaimed my faith as a Messianic Jew, enjoyed a career as a Hospices CNA, started my own small business and met my beloved. I had developed many close friendships. My mother is still here.
And yet it was now time to leave, with my husband, for the new chapter in our lives.
I looked out the window, my body filled with so many emotions; sadness and joy. Excitement and dread. Curious to see what the unknown holds. And fearful of it.
Mark took my hand and squeezed it. He understood my feels. But didn't share them.
He was so ready to move to Montana, the place his heart been longing for all these years.
We arrived in Fairfax, Virginia around ten pm. Since we are travelling with a dog, this meant finding a Pet Friendly hotel. The local Quality Inn was such an hotel.
Our timing was excellent because the hotel we went to was quickly filling up with groups of high school kids and their teachers.
And of course, Monti  made a new friend.

We were sadden to miss Sam, but he did send a gift to help with the travel cost. Our hope is one day, when back in Virginia, we can stop for a real visit.
After a supper of the worse Chinese food I have ever eaten, we headed off for bed. The excitement of the day finally catching up with us.
The adventure had truly begun.
We are really on our way to Montana.
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