Monday, 22 April 2013

Reel Eggs

One of the wonderful things about being with Todd and family is learning that they as a family had gone through similar losts as we had over the year.
Not only did Todd lose his job, but his home as well.
But it was the kindness of the Amish that saved his family.
First, they were given a trailer to rent, later they were offered a home by the family who rented out the trailer.
A home Todd and family opened to Mark, Monti and me. We saw first hand how HaShem not only restored, but gave our family so much more.
The family is also in the egg business.

It is a nice way to bring in income as things get better. And when you have had fresh, farm fresh eggs, you will settle for nothing less.

Yes, these are Reel eggs. Yes, they are coloured eggs, one a slight pink, the other, light blue. Mark and I talked about it. We are thinking about raising chickens when we get settled in Montana. Though I will have a lot to learn.
But there is no great hurry in deciding what to do we get to Montana. Right now, I am just enjoying the journey.
Until next time.
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