Sunday, 7 April 2013

Your Moving Where????? Part 3

As I look out the bedroom window, beholding surrounding mountains surrounding our new home, I recall all that brought us here.
Hearing soft breathing behind me, I turn to behold my beloved Mark sleeping, Monti laying aside him.
G-d has brought us so much these past three years. Trials, storms, lessons. Sometimes all three rolled into one.
But we have made it through them all. Holding onto His hand.
And onto each other......
During the past few weeks I have seen both the hand of the devil and the Hand of G-d.
How do you tell someone to get out of the home you provided, when they are moving into said home instead of attending church service? We had to move out that very night and because we didn't go to church, we lost our home, my husband loses his job? A job he hadn't even start?
Where is the Love and Mercy of G-d in that?
 And yet, another mission, one that also helps the homeless, stepped up and offered to pay for a hotel room until they could help move us to Montana. They moved our things to a holding place and even when we didn't make it to the deadline of getting the rest of our things out, we did have friends who helped move the stuff sitting on the street before it was picked up for trash day.
The Hand of G-d. When the devil was all set to rage his final blow upon us, G-d stepped and with His mighty strong arm, swept the devil away instead.
Once our things were moved to a small cottage at Hope Haven, the Adult Assisted Living where my mother lives, we were able to relax a bit at the hotel, knowing G-d was working.
I remember the drive to the hotel that Monday evening. I was thinking about all we had gone through.
Monti was staying with friends who offered to care for him.
We were homeless. We were really homeless. I thought I would never see these days of lack again.
My mother often said G-d would bring one to place where the only thing one had to rely on was Him.
And He did.
Once in the hotel room, (after having to be upgraded because our room was given to someone else, Mark held me and allowed me to cry.
It  didn't seem fair.
But who said life was fair?
How could G-d, our Father, allow this to happen to us?
For His Glory.
A friend had given us a couple of dinner cards and they came in handy. So, while I showered, Mark went out to Olive Garden and got supper.
Those four days at the hotel were in many respects like a second honeymoon, the very start of our new beginning.

The future was a clean sheet of page before us.

A new adventure.
It was during our stay at the hotel that we learned why we were called to Montana. The aunt and uncle that raised Mark the first several years of his life, needed help. His uncle was in hospital, quite sick and would need help in the house and in the garden.
There was truly a place for us.
And with the blessings of my mother and all who knew us, we were on our way home to Montana.

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