Monday, 22 April 2013

Sweet Peace

While we were visiting our Ohio family, the family was preparing to attend an Amish wedding. To be invited to an Amish wedding is an high honour.
So one morning, my niece was heading out for a dress fitting and asked me if I would like to go along. In West Union, one either walks, rides a bike, buggy, car or a scooter to get about. My niece and nephew talked me into riding part of the way on scooter.
The last time I was on a scooter, I was a child, so I was willing to give it a spin. This is going to take practice, but I still had fun.
And of course the way I was dressed, I could pass for an Amish lady.

Later that afternoon, our niece was able to talk Mark into riding the scooter as well. Everyone laughed at how quickly and easily we seem to mingle in with the locals.
What I found amazing was the peace I began to feel.
At night, there is no traffic sounds, just sweet silence. We would lay down and just close our eyes, allowing the quiet to wrap us like a babe and rock us to sleep.
There would be times I would awake during the night, watching my beloved sleep. The worry lines across his closed eyes were going away. He wasn't tossing and turning. He was at rest. His soul was finding peace.
At last.
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