Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tears For Boston

At age nine, my family moved to Boston, Ma. from New York. It was another world, another culture, but quickly I adjusted and adapted, for I fell in love with its distinct European feel.
While school years weren't the best (being bullied) it is where I grew up into a woman. Where my son was born.
The last few years I lived in downtown Boston proper. The Boston Commons was my son's playground. We would visit my mother when she worked at the Governor's office. It was here that I studied through a program by Mass General to be a CNA and began my career in the health profession. My son and I actually lived, I went to work along the same route as the Boston Marathon. It wasn't uncommon to see men and women out and about in the early mornings, beginning to train. We could even watch part of the Marathon from our roof top. 
I moved to the south in my twenties, and like the reasons we moved West, to begin a new life, I still have several friends as well as my sister still living in Boston and I hope one day Mark and I can go for a visit.
So you can imagine my horror as I watched the events unfold on TV yesterday. I kept saying, "I know this area!" And as silly as it sounds, I kept looking for my younger sister's face, my heart knowing she was down there.
Turns out, my sister was just a block away from the bombing. We thank the Holy One for His protection.
Our hearts are still broken for the city of Boston. Right now, we still do not know who is behind this. At least, we do not see the human face or faces.
So we know that satan, the evil one is the force behind this.
I shall not sit back and blame G-d or question "Why did You allow this?" I shall, instead give thanks that there weren't more dead.
I shall pray for those families who lost loved ones, who have been injured. And I shall pray that those who did this are quickly found.
This was an act of Terrorism. Even the President has said this. The only question is; this the word of enemies inside or outside the nation.
 It is G-d that changes the hearts of men, not laws, not bans. As long as evil lies in the hearts of men, there will be such actions. Sadly, there will be the horrors we have seen over the years with school shootings, bombings, etc. Bans will make it tougher to get a gun, but it wasn't a gun used yesterday. Materials to make bombs are very easy to come by. So are butcher knives. But a ban or tougher laws  won't stop a someone bend on causing harm to others. The peace we are seek and long for, will not come until Messiah Himself comes.
My suggestion is to take a page from Israel's play book. Israel faces this sort of attacks all of the time. They are prepared and ready to deal with it. But at the same time, the people of Israel do not walk about in fear, they don't allow the Terrorism to control their lives. And we must not either.
Let us continue to put our faith in the Holy One, be watchful and not live in fear.
Beloved Boston, you are not alone. We pray for you, we weep with you.

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