Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Your Moving Where????? Part 2


Come to the edge, He said. They said, We are afraid. Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew. Apollinaire, Guillaume

For the past few months, there had been an increasing uneasiness growing in our family.
The house we were living in, really wasn't our home, but shared with others.
The newest roommate didn't like dogs and Monti was being to show signs of stress; we couldn't leave him alone, lest he bark the whole time we were gone. He wouldn't let me out of his sight.
Doors were closing left and right; Mark couldn't find a job, we couldn't find a home, not even a room. The deadline for our moving out was closing in and we were not sure what G-d was up to.
But now we know; like a Mama bird who after teaching the baby birds how to fly, breaks up the nest so they can head out on their own, G-d was destroying our nest, taking us to the edge, pushing us off so that we would fly.

Finding we were now without a place to move to, that Sunday, Mark called his aunt and uncle in Montana, telling them about what happen. His aunt asked the name of the ministry we were to work with. When Mark told her, she said, not only had they had dealings with this group, but would have warned us not to get involved with this group.

Turns out several people we knew had been mixed up with this group. We were told we got out easy.
The next day, Monday, I told our landlord what happen.
"Why does a church kick someone out of a house you haven't moved into?"
"Because we didn't attend church."
During this time we were still trying to reach the pastor, feeling that there was some misunderstanding we could clear up. There was another local ministry helping us with the move pastor that was helping us offered to go with Mark, but they never met. This pastor had dealings with this ministry and advised we concern ourselves "saved" from a worse fate. The pastor asked if there was anyone else we could move in with. When I mention family have opened their home to us, he offered to help get us there.
So with the help of Union Mission, our things were moved to a short terms holding place. The plan was for the crew to come back Tuesday or the next day and we would be on our way.
But things didn't work out for Tuesday.
While our former landlord was gracious in giving us an extra day, we really were trespassing and when we could not get the U-Haul or any other help that day, he was within his rights to evict us from the house.
And he did.
 The only thing we lost that meant anything to me was the black and gold marble dresser Mark gave me as a gift. We just couldn't get it out of the house in time before the door was locked behind us.
It broke my heart to let it go. Mark allowed me my tears, promising to make all of this up to me. I smiled and reminded him, "it's OK I can always get something better,"
Union Mission paid for a room for us at a local hotel and  friends took care of Monti. Knowing Monti would be with a 13 year old boy and permitted once again to run, play and bark like a little dog, gave me great peace. 

The next few days were busy as we hurried to get our things off the property by Thursday morning. Friends helped Wednesday, Thursday, we were able to rent a U-Haul to get the rest of our things.

Friday afternoon, we had to move out of the hotel. Since Union Mission didn't wish to separate us, moved us to Hope Haven, where my mother lives.
The staff went out of their way to prepare our room, such loving touches, making Mark and I feel quite at home.

We were there a week as we packed and repacked decided to take, put into storage or give to Union Mission. 
At first, Union Mission was moving us to Montana, but learning that the cost of moving all of our things was way too much, they helped us with the cost of a storage unit, moving our things there until as such time Mark can go back and bring them to Montana.
There were so many nights I just fell into bed, exhausted.
"This can't be happening!" Often I thought all of this was a bad dream and I would awake in my old bedroom in Ghent, in Mark's arms.
But it wasn't a dream. G-d closed every door in Virginia and we were moving to Montana.
To be continued.....
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