Sunday, 7 April 2013

Your Moving Where????? Part 4


Like the story of Yoseph and his brothers, our story was moved forward by desperation. At every turn the brothers were thwarted in their simple desire to to buy grain. 
Mark and I were, in turn, thwarted in our simple desire to have a job and a home to call our home. For a backyard for our little dog to run about and play, bark and just be a dog.
 Yet even to the point of  yielding to Yoseph's demands to bring Benjamin in Egypt , not knowing what their fate would be, the Jacob family moves on to what they must to save their family.
Mark and I found ourselves in the same boat.
Our life was no longer in Virginia. Our future laid West. And G-d allowed us to be brought to the very edge to make us stop looking in Virginia for salvation.
But to Montana.
I remember asking Mark right after my mother's birthday if he thought all we were going through was leading us to Montana.
"Then He better change mummie's heart, she's not ready for us to leave."
Little did we realize, my mother had already released us to go where ever we needed to. For she would rather see us living with my sister in Boston (she offered, but she was already up to her nose in family) than on the streets. Mark's brother had offered us a place with his family as well n Ohio. But Mark's heart had always been set in returning to Montana.
And where my beloved' heart is, so is mine.
With the help of several very special friends, including, Mark's best friend Sam and older brother Chuck, after many emotional I love you, like the Yacob family of old, we were off to the place prepared for us.

The first stop was suppose to see Sam and family. But because of the last minute details, (adding things to storage, saying goodbye to friends, getting gas) we had a very late start and rolled into Fairfax around 10 pm and it was way to late for a visit, so we found a dog friend hotel and settled in for the night.

To be continued....
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