Sunday, 7 April 2013

We Shall Never Forget

Today we remember the six million men, women and children who were murdered, their lives ended by the single word of one man.
Their crime?
Being Jewish.
 Hitler's Final Solution to rid the world of, first every Jew in Germany and then the world.

But it is he, not the Jewish people that is gone.
For while six member Jewish hearts stopped beating, their memory, their lives live on in our hearts, our souls. While now with G-d, their voices ring in our ears, their voice, now our voice.
Never Again.
While Hitler is dead, the evil of his soul still lives on in others. There remain nations, leaders, even religious groups that have not learned the lesson of the past; when you touch the Apple of G-d's Eye, you are touching His Beloved. And He destroys all who seek to destroy His Beloved.
Like those before him, Hitler did not success in his evil plan. He is gone the way of so many of HaShem's foes.
The birth of every jewish child is a spit in Hitler's face. Every time we celebrate a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, a boy or girl becoming a Child of the Convent, taking their place in the Jewish community, their voices carry the tune "I'm Still Standing." Every Jewish wedding, including my own, is a victory dance upon Hitler's grave.
The world was silence during the murder of six million jews. Many who knew turned a blind eye.
Never again.
Out of the ashes of the gas chambers came the rebirth of a Nation, Israel. We returned to our homeland. And we say Never Again.
Never Again shall this be allowed to the jewish people or any other people.
On this day, despite our faith, we are all jews and we must cry out: NEVER AGAIN!
Future Fuhrers take notes: Try to destroy the Jewish is a quick track to your grave. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
Never Again.

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