Sunday, 14 April 2013

Next Stop: West Union, Ohio

The next day, after a light breakfast and a quick rearrangement of our luggage, we were off again. This time, heading for West Union, Ohio, the home of Mark's brother Todd and family.
We stopped in West Virginia for lunch. The weather here was must colder, so Montaque got to wear his new packer. Knowing that the weather would still be chilly in Montana, we brought the furry baby a new coat.
Turns out he needed it now.
I had just gotten a copy of the Chronicles of Narnia on DVD. It is the radio program Focus on The Family had produced years ago. So this is what we chose to listen to as we travelled.
Listening to the Narnia series kept us both awake as well as something to talk about.
It was a long trip and I was thankful for packing bottles of water, fruit and nuts, as well as doggie treats for Montaque. Our little guy prove to be a very good traveller. How he love to step upon my lap and look out the window. At other times, he would crawl into his bed in the back seat and sleep.
That afternoon, we received a call from Todd.
He had asked if we could hold a Passover Seder for the family. It would be good for the children since they had never been to one.
Mark and I were delighted. Since we were travelling, we had made no plans for Passover, thinking we would have to wait until next month to do so. And now here was an golden chance to not only keep the Feast, but to share with family.
Reaching Ohio, we entered into a snow storm, even hit a patch of black ice and spin out. Everyone was fine. Montaque was thrown from his bed, laying on my jacket and went back to sleep.
We made it in safe. Mark called Todd to let him know where we were.
Todd told us how to get to the nearby MacDonald's, where he would meet us and drive us the rest of the way.
It was dark and late, but no matter. Within thirty minutes, we were with family, being embraced by nephews and a niece that I feared would not remember me, but did.
We were embraced in the arms and warmth of family.
What an amazing feeling.
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