Monday, 22 April 2013

Precious Faith

I rise before dawn and cry for help;
I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:147

It was during this time that I could once again focus on my bible reading. With everything that was going on, each time I sat down to read the Holy Bible, the words would become scrambled and fuzzy. But now, the fuzz was clearing up and I could once again make sense of the words. Of The Word. It was in the silence of my brother-in-law's home that G-d began to speak with that soft voice. In His Word. Slowly, a returning love, the words of Torah rang once again in my heart.

It is times like these that one realizes how precious one's faith is. How precious the Word of HaShem is. How thankful I am fr people who prayed for me when I could not pray or myself. Who had faith when my was somewhere in the basement. For those who kept sending me bible verses, lifelines to hang onto.
There were times I even lost my faith. But I really didn't.
Faith isn't really faith until it is tried and tested. Like gold under heat, that which isn't pure rises to the surface to be removed and all that remains is the pure gold.
My faith is real. It has been tested and trialed. There have been times it has gotten heated and I wasn't sure if it would hold. But it has.
Just as my beloved Mark and I are so much closer, so I feel a nearest to HaShem I haven't felt before. A trust that came from this series of trials. It looked dicely for awhile, but He never let us down. He was there.
We questioned. We wondered. We even cried out; "what are you doing?" But in the end, He carried us through. On eagles wings He carried us, teaching us to trust Him as He carried us higher and higher in faith.
And love.
For the Holy One, Blessed be He, Who never stopped holding onto me.

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