Friday, 16 January 2009

Bitter Cold

Boka Tov:
It have been a bitter cold here in Virginia this week. But not as cold as other parts of the country.

This morning, during PT my right leg cramped up. The therapist believes it is a combination of my muscles being over worked and the cold.
This morning I awoke, about 4 am, every muscle aching. I had to take Tylenol and ornage juice in order to go back to sleep.
So I need to break out the long undies. The first winter as husband and wife, we suffered two nights of no heat as the boiler was being worked on. Then he remembered he had two pairs of Army issued black undergarmnets that for those cold nights. Rather thin, I thought surely this will not keep me warm. But they did.
So I need to put them out and start wearing them during the day to keep my muscles warm.
This evening we have been invited by our friends Debbie and Sturat for Shabbat supper.
As we came in, the phone ran. It was my sister Eileen. How good it was to hear her voice. Then I heard my mum in the background. Eileen and her husband are here visiting. So Eileen and Frank are coming over for supper tomorrow. Since I have not seen Eileen since the wedding and we will finally get to meet her husband, I am truly looking forward to see her and catching up.
But right now, I need to dig out the longjohns and get warm,
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