Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Sister's Visit

It is close to bedtime. We are cleaning up and getting ready for another full well.
Last night, my sister and her husband came to visit for a few days from Boston.
I haven't seem her since our wedding and this was the first time I got to meet Frank since they were married two years ago.
Mum has a hard time with the stairs here (we live on the second floor) but when I spoke to my sister, I learned she had talked mummy into coming to Supper with us. And we were all thrilled. Mummie told Mark that she was "kidnapped!" but she really did have a good time.
We shared good food and tons of laugher. We shared so much, and laughed so hard we each had to take turns going to the bathroom.
I spoke to mummie this afternoon. She was very glad she did give in and came. It thrilled her to no end to see her "girls" together, with their husbands, seeing us not only getting along, but happy. Mummie said my sister and I both picked "winners." And seeing the love between Frank and my sister, I would agree.
Frank is so funny. Lively and bright, and taller than Mark! I love the way he treats our mother.
We shared childhood memories, pictures, took pictures and just had a wonderful evening.
And I am so glad that I now have a wonderful, adult relationship with my beloved sister.
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