Friday, 9 January 2009

Grace in the Storm

Boka Tov;
I just came home from PT. It was a rough one, but there are improvements. I can now start walking in the pool twice a week to help me get ready to start walking on land again. My walking is much better, but still unsteady. Both my doctor and Therapist are pleased with how I am coming along. Even Mark says I am doing better.

The isn't as much. I am learning when to push through it and when I need to take medication. With a cold fron coming in, this is a good day.

I read post this morning from a friend that made me cry. I was reading a post from the eldest daughter of one of my closest friends. I have known her since her late teens and watched her grow into a beautiful dancer and teacher. I danced at her wedding, and become the mum to seven children.
Her youngest son, Noble was born with a major heart defect and needed an heart transplant. He lived four years and left us in May of last year. At the gravesite, the children there let go of blue ballons to heaven.
Never have I heard the words "Why G-d!" or blaming Him. Just thankful for the ears she had with her baby. A baby who is no longer in pain is now walking with the One he use to like to see about.
Sad and missing her child, yes, but no bitterness. It drew the family closer to each other and to G-d. All of us who knew this little guy adored him and are thankful to have known him. We have struggled with anger and the "Why G-d?" and yet we also know he is now able to run and jump and play.
Four short years. Noble finished his assignment and is now home in Paradise.
But it still hurts.
I need to call my friend.
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