Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

What is in your heart about your fellow man is most likely in his heart about you.
- Book of Deuteronomy

Boka Tov and Happy New Year:
Well I am up, takne my medication and letting Mark sleep.
For the talent show, we were a hit. Everyone loved the dance we did and I have been asked to teach it to the dance trope. And while I will adapt it for the troupe's use, it will remain my and Mark's. In fact, we have even been asked to do another dance together.
However while practicing, my knee gave out and we had to apply heat to the swollen area and pray over it.
But once we began to dance, no one would have never known there was a problem.
Marty: would you believe I forgot my cameria? And I was doing so well. But others did take pictures, so once I get them, I shall share them.
Mark loves to dance and we will be working together to not only improve his movements, but it is something we enjoy dong together.
I am looking forward to the New Year with excitement. I can't wait to see what G-d has for us as a couple.
Maybe even a family?
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