Monday, 12 January 2009

Singing Through the Pain

Boka Tov: (Good Morning)
Well I just came home from PT. All of the Therapist are very happy with the progress I am making.
All I know s that my knee hurts. So Mark is getting the heating pad.
I remember hearing a Sermon years ago called "Singing Through the Pain." As I go through treatment, I have been remembering Pastor Chuck's words.
We have to sometimes grow through pain to get to the healing. Sometimes, healing hurts. And it is ok to admit that. But as I do the stretches I remember to:
1.Breath slowly through the stretch.
2.Think of my favorite song. I can often 'hear' one of my favorite worship songs and it helps me get through the treatment.
3.That I am not alone. Mark is there to assist as needed, but also know when not to help.
How often I have gone through a struggle, a heartache and then months, maybe years later realizing that it made me a stronger woman.
How often I complain to G-d about something hurting or a thing that I think too hard. And like my Therapist, He knows how much I can take, when to take me to the next level, when I need to be encouraged to keep going and when to say rest.
Like He is there, walking through the pain with me, knowing when to assist and cheering me on.
Now for a nice hot shower and nap.
And maybe even a good cup of tea.
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