Monday, 12 January 2009

Laptop Update

I am still waiting for my baby (laptop) to return home. This afternoon, Mark called the company to find out what was going on since it has been over two weeks.
Well, the company had written us, but between the Holidays, PT and getting over another cold, I had not checked the e-mail. And it didn't occur to Mark the company would contact us through this account, but his own.
Anyway, it seems that not only the key board, but the mother board (whatever that is) and the cover have to be replaced. So the price is higher. The company was willing to sell us another computer, taking off the price of this one, but then we would have had to buy the extra features I already have. So I made it clear: please fix my baby and send her back home.
She is greatly missed.
Thankfully, we had already gone to Geek Squad and everything has been put on a backup DVD, so I was able to save my files.
And to think there was a time I lived my life without a computer.....
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