Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Man It's Cold

When you can't see G-d's Hand, Trust His Heart.

This is the coldest Januray we have known in years.
In fact, I didn't even make it to the YMCA, it was so cold. Even with longjohn, going into the Pool and then back into that 25 degree weather is not wise.
And my the wind! The wind was the worse. So until it warms up, my Therapist has suggested that I just stick out to my therapy plan at home and the center.
The longjohns are a good idea, but I do need to get some more, since I am wearing them daily.
It reminds me of my private duty days when I worked in Boston. I would wear longjohns under my nursing umiform since I would have to travel in this type of weather.
I don't miss those days.
Mark is still looking for a job until he hears from Fort Bragg. You would think with his military background and a WestPoint Grad, the doors would just open for him. But these are hard times in the job market and yesterday, it finally got to him.
Mark's mood is better now. For we talked it out, worked it out, prayed it out, and must remind Who our help comes from. G-d will open that door for Mark; our job is to trust, obey, look for work and pray some more.
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