Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Off to the Pool

Boka Tov.
Baby it is cold out there! So the Sable hat, coat, gloves have gotten their full use the past several weeks.
This morning I am on my way to the YMCA to begin walking in the pool. I can also do many of the streches from PT as well. This was added on last week. I told my Therapist yesterday my bottom hurts and she said that is because I am walking so much better and have more hip extendion, that the muscle is overworked. So I need to apply heat in the evening as we as the afternoon. So this pain is a good thing; it means I am healing.
Leanne (my Therapist ) told me I am not the same woman that came in a few months ago on crutches. I am walking so much better, stairs are still hard, but not as bad.
And I also am wearing longjohns. Keep those muscles nice and warm.
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