Wednesday, 25 February 2009

And It Shall Be Spring Again

in just four more weeks it will be spring again.
And I can't wait.
Though the trees and flowers are already in boom and I am suffering from allengies. I just better now and get it out of the way.
Mark and I watched of Bill Cosby's The Dentist from his Show "Bill Cosby Himself." I had forgotten how funny that piece was.
And so true.
Sometimes we need to find the humour in that we fear.
I laugh now at the fact I was afraid of the dark; the "monester" in the corner was really the navy jacket my step-father brought me. The 'snakes" in my bed were the crinkles of the sheets.
Funny how prayer changes things. When I realize that G-d had "given His angels charge over me," and nothing would happen He didn't know about or would not handle, I could lay my little head down and sleep.
After all, the Scriptures say He "that watches over Isreal either sleeps nor slumber." And there is no need for both of us to be up all night.

Except for when I am up because of a cold. And then I use the time to pray for family and friends and other concerns, knowing G-d will answer in His time.
Just like Spring.
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