Thursday, 5 February 2009

We're Still Here :)

Hey everyone. I know it's been awhile. Between PT, Mark looking for work and the cold, we have been alittle busy. I keep trying to get to the jounral, but something comes up.
And really that is a good thing.
Since New Year, I have been planning to spend less time on the Laptop and more in the 'real world.'
Guess I finally made it. But I also have wonderful friends via the internet that I need to keep in touch with. So I am finding that happy balance.
PT is going well, but the cold snap we are going through is making things slow going. I have lost the 20 pounds I gained from the medication and feel great.
Mark has a part-time job as a Tax-preparer, we are still waiting to hear if he is going to Fort Bragg soon or not. I have mix feelings about this. North Carolina is a lot closer than Iraq ( four hours), but it does mean a short speration until I could move near him.
It is all in G-d's hands.
We have made our lives simplier. We spend more time at home after Shabbat services (Shabbat naps are wonderful.) A friend gave me a large portion of venion, so I made venion stew fore the very first time Sunday. Treating it as I would Lamb. it came out great. So tomorrow, I am going to mix some of my lental soup into the venion stew. I think it will be awesome.
Next weekend is Mummie's birthday. The Assistance Living home is giving her a birthday supper while Mark and I have been invivted to attend. I am taking the pictures of my sister's visit from last month as well as some pictures of my sister and I as children and making it into a photo album as one of her birthday gifts.
One of the pictures, the one of mummie with my sister and I, I am having framed. I will also send it to my sister.
I think they both will like it.
It is still cold here in Virginia.
Where is Global Warming when you really need it?
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