Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Wonderful Shabbat

It was a cold, rainy day today.
It even looked like we might have snow.
But it was still a wonderful day.
We were invited by friends to their Syngogaue to hear an Cantorial Candidate.
Wow! what a voice. True bass who's voice soars. As he shared why he made this choice of a career. it was clear that he indeed sing from the deepest part of his soul, giving his gift back to He Who gave it to him.
Such a wonderful service. And we plan to visit again.
And this time we hope to meet the Rabbi.
Afterwards, we went to a Blessing Lunchen.
The gentleman who started the whole idea of the Blessing dinner held it this afternoon after the service. While it was a smaller group, it was still a time of wonderful memories and laugher and even tears. To me, it was a wonderful to end Lover's Month and yes, each woman recieve a red rose.
In fact, I recieved two.
We stopped briefy to see our friend Jolex, who returns to Iraq Tuesday. He has another five months to go. I am hoping that just as Mark's case, Jolex's time will be shorten.
We came home, took a long nap, said goodbye to Shabbat and now we are getting for bed.
Tomorrow is my friend David's birthday and we are having a birthday dinner for him. So tomorrow will be a busy day.
But like today, a happy one.
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