Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rocky Racoon

Boka Tov:
It is a beautiful morning; bright and sunny. Not sure if it is warm or not.
My eyes are so swollen from the allergies I look like Rocky Racoon. And as wonderful as the sunlight is, it hurting my swollen eyes.
So I use a warm compress on my eyes very few hours and Mark is going out to get me a pair of sunglasses. I can't even stand the lights on in the house.
I feel like a Vampire.
Which isn't Kosher.
Part of our breakfast was watermelon. And it felt so good as it went down my throat.

I tried on clothes I hadn't wore in about a year and had a Praise fit as each blouse, skirt and trousers went on nicely. Once one skirt doesn't fit as it should: I need to lose another ten pounds.
I hope those who follow this jounral don't mind my writing about my weigh lost. It keep me honest in my goals and I also from past experinece of reading someone esle's jourany to their health goals, that it is encouraging.
Because of a heart mummer, I have high blood pressure. My doctor tells me she can take me off the medication if I lose some weigh.
No brainer.
So, since we have already made changes in our diet, Mark runs and works out @ the Y as I am doing PT and stetches at home, I have already lost 25 pounds and more weigh lost will come.
I am not doing this to "look good." I already do.
Or to keep my husband's attention. He loves me just as I am; he just wants me to be healthly. Which is why it is glad not only his support, but we are parthers together in this deal
I chose to become healthy beacuse I wish to live a long, heathly life, serving G-d and loving my husband.
Now, if I can just get pass this allergie attack.
I look like a drug addict.....
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