Friday, 27 February 2009

A Beautiful Day

Boka Tov:
It is a Friday. Bright, sunny and warm.

Mark had to report in this morning, so I will walk to PT. Which will actually strnegthen my leg. The Therapy Center is across the street and three blocks down.
Cool that it is so close. I am hoping that this is the start of my Therapist will allow me to start walking. And since I have another 25 pounds to go, it would help.
Mark had to be up early this morning for his PE. The unit didn't have one last week because they were having a 100% urine test. That means you cannot leave the room, let alone the building. And since they had to drink eight glasses of water, running wasn't a good idea.
Anyway, he had his test this morning.
Now understand, Mark had the flu this month as well as taking care of me when I came down with the flu. Plus V-Day and my mum's birthday.....
and he passed!!!!!!!
He picks up his card today and it is the last piece of imformation that needs to go to Fort Bragg.
I am so proud of him: he has worked so hard and it is the first PE test he has passed since he stopped Chemo a few years ago. He was beginning to think he would never pass.
But I knew he could and would.
I am looking forward to my walk.
I am going to be wiped out by the time I get home.
But it will be a good tired.
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