Friday, 6 February 2009

Where is the Sun?

Boka Tov (Good Morning)
Well, it is another cold gray day here in Virginia. Yes, I praise G-d I am blessed to open my eyes and see another day.
I would love to see the sun.
I am soooo over winter I could scream!
But it is a quiet morning. I don't have PT until this afternoon, so I can get things ready for Shabbat early and rest when I get home.
I made venion stew Sunday and froze it for today. It is now defrozing and I will mix some of the lental soup in it for Shabbat this evening. It will be cold outside, but inside nice and warm.
I caught up with my buddy Sarah yesteerday. She brought baby Abe with her. My has he grown! We had a wonderful time catching up and I even got a picture of little Abe with a empty Starbucks cup.
Starting him off right.
Just got a call from the Lab. I have to go back and have more blood drawn, Blood ount is low.
Wonderful. More Iron pills.
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