Sunday, 8 February 2009

Baking Day

Boka Tov (Good Morning)
Thank you to all who prayed for Mark. He is feeling so much better and is up and about. He even feels well enough to go and pick up his paycheck. But he also knows to keep taking it easy; still on OJ and chicken soup.
I plan to make chocolate chips cookies today. Mainly because I have to start preparing the house for Passover in a few months. I have tons of flour and yeast leftover from the hoilday and I have to start using it. And since I am able to stand longer on my feet, I am back to baking. Something Mark is looking forward to.
But the cookies will not remain in the house long!
Since we both are losing weigh, I will keep a few for us, but the rest will be given as gifts for family and friends.
If you wish a batch, write me a private e-mail with your home address and I shall send a box to you. Trust me, my waist-line will thank you.
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