Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A New Week

Boka Tov;
Well it is a new week.
What a blessing.
Each day is a new beginning. True, there are things we can't undo, but every new day if a gift, where in many ways we can chose to do good or evil. Dwell on the past, plan the furture or enjoy the now.
As painful as my past has been, I can look back and see also the joyful times, at times a happniess that when I share with Mark, he too delights in and causes him to remember something funny, silly and/or joyous in his life.
Like when I was first learning to dance, how hard the classes were, how I often worrried why I put myself through this. That my teacher hated me. But then I remember the funny time when our teacher was the biggest cutup in the class. I see myself forming my own dance toup for a muscial I am working on, thanks for the years of paying my dues.
But today, I just dance.
Yesterday, I was telling Mark how I had worked on my comic strip years ago, but the demands of being a mummie took it's place. Mark said: "Why don't you pick up your pencil again?"
I will.
Sometimes, one can go back home again,
Last night, we went to visit friends.
Jolex is home from Iraq for a few weeks and last night we celebrated his daughter's first picture.
One a wonderful evening. The house was full of laugher; both adult and children, and the scent of good food.
I came into the kitchen and offered to help and was handed a bag of biscuit to place into the oven, within minutes, I was in charge of the kitchen, not only baking biscuits, but frying chicken.
Like, where else would I have been*shrug shoulders*
Last year during little baby shower, I made Moroccan mint tea. Well, Jolex and his wife are now hooked and even called me for the address for the teashop.
And so when we arrived, we found Moroccan mint tea waiting for us.
Big sister, (who is also three years old) blew out the candle and she got to do it three times as the guys kept yelling: "I didn't get the shot!"
Because the family lives in Williamburge, it was a long evening and after one last cup of tea and a pain pill, off to bed we went.
I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds.
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