Friday, 13 February 2009

Four Years Ago Today, I Got A Red Rose

I am taking a break to straighten up the house. Since I have been running a temp for a few days, PT was canceled for the day.
Which is fine. I need to rest up for the weekend. This Sunday is my mum's 74th birthday and there is a special lunchen in her honour.
Four years ago this evening, during the Blessing Dinner (what we call Valentine's Day. Since not every woman would be blessed with candy and roses, one of our former memebers of our congregation wanted to make sure no woman in our fellowship was overlooked, came up with the idea of this dinner.)
It was this evening that Mark found his voice and declared to the world his love for me and asked me in front of the whole congregation to marry him.
From Iraq 2004 Mark send me lavender roses for Valentine's Day and for my birthday, white roses. On Valentine's Day weekend 2005, I recieved a red rose that is pressed in my family Bible. I still get lavender and ivory roses for my birthday or just because. But on this day since 2005, I still get roses; pink, orange even ivory and lavender. But on this special day, I recieve a single red rose.
So may all who read this post have a wonderful, happy Blessing's Day.
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