Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Week of MileStones

Boka Tov:

This week hs been a week of milestones.

Sunday, we celebrated the 75th birthday of my mum.
The youngest of seven children, she has not only outlived them, but has lived the longest. My grandfather Pink (yes, Pink) died in his 50 from Black Lung. Grandmother Callie lived to be 76, but was very sick. My Aunt Lola lived the longest at 71.

The Assistance Care Home where mummie lives hostes a wonderful dinner in her honour (prime rib) and we as her family had a table to ourselves as the home celebrated mumie's special day.

Monday, the Therapist tested the strengh of my hip. It is 80-85% healed, the strengh is very close to where the left hip is. So everyone is quite pleased. Now, the focus is on my upper leg, since my hamsting and upper thigh muscles are not only tight, but weak. So I will have another four weeks of PT. The good news, I will indeed make a full recovery.

Last month, both the Therapist and the doctor wasn't so sure.

Mark has a part-time job working taxes. While he would love more hours, it is a job and it brings some income. We are still waiting to hear about the post at Fort Bragg.

We had a wonderful V-Day. having a romantic supper of chicken soup since we were both getting over colds.

But we also had strawberries and chocolate cups, along with a glass of wine.

Ah love......
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