Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Insights from Marty, Beth and Betty

One of Mark's and mine's treasures is our friends Marty, Beth and bettyWhile we do not always agree, I love the way Marty writes. His wording is thoughtful, not attacking and gets his point across without one feeling like they have been hit over the head by a 2 by 4.
Though sometimes that is needed. That's my job :)
Here is Marty's comment to my last entry:
Hi Laini,It's tough ... I often marvel at these kinds of discussions, where everyone seems so "polarized." I agree with you that it can be tremendously frustrating. However, at the same time, I also appreciate how everyone is at least entitled -- and able to -- express their views freely in America.
Marty is right; this is one of our greatest strenghts. Freedom of Speech. The one thing I would added is; respectful speech. We adults sometimes forget; children are watching us, listening to us. And the same respect- or disrespect they see us their parnets, grandparnets, teachers and caregivers give our leaders and goverment, they will give to you. Trust me, I have seem it happen. Sadly in the view of some, if you don't go along with their view- whether Right, Left or Center-you are not a true Amercian, a true Christian, you are a hater, etc.
We are still a nation divided. This didn't come about with Mr.Obama, Mr.Bush II, Mr.Clinton, Mr. Bush I, etc. This comes from us, the Amercian people, who allow the strife. We have the power to change that. Let us stop looking to Washington to set the example and set the example of unity, respect and we share for this nation and should have for each other.
Sadly, as Beth pointed out:
For all of us who are able to say, "I see what you mean," there are plenty who will say only, "You're wrong." Sad" Very sad.
And from Betty, my sister in faith: "oh my gosh, Laini, this is so true isn't it?? and our country keeps going downhill, because honestly, I think morally we are going downhill as a country "
Yes Betty, we have.
When we start remembering the core prinpcles we were founded on and rebuid on them, we can truly leave something to our children. And therein lies the power of Change.
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