Monday, 8 June 2009

It is Monday

"Come here, Baby!!!!"
A warm welcome from the other members of the family.

Boka Tov:
As always, Starbucks in in the Dinningroom brewing for Miss Laini as she works on her journal.
I still refuse to use the word blog-YUCK!
As you can see in the above pictures, Mark looks great. And yes, he is wearing an army issued kippah :)
His plane made it in at 11:01 Tuseday evening. He was tired, but there was that smile when he saw me.
And to be honest, I did alittle grinning myself.
And jumping up and down.
And of course, folks parted when they saw us running to each other.
After mum and dad stopped us off, we had a light snack and crashed. My baby was so tired.
We didn't get up before noon the next day. Because the plane was so late, things we needed to take care of that morning, pushed us way behind and took a few days to get out of the way.
But as I told Mark, it didn't matter. We were together and I wanted to enjoy the few days we had.
And we did.
The weather was wonderful.
Until Thrusday.
But then, it made for great cuddling :)

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