Monday, 1 June 2009

A Sad Day in Amercia

Yesterday was a sad day in America.
Yesterday, while performing his duties as a Deacon is his church, Doctor George Tiller, a Abortion Doctor was gunned down before his wife and family, before the people he worshipped with.
His crime? He performed abortions. Late term abortions.
As all who read this jounral knows, I do not support legalism abortion. I am Pro-Life.
Saved from an abortion myself.
While I am Pro-Life, I also it is not always an easy decision ad I believe adoption is the better choice.
I believe in the Death Penelty. If you seek out to take the life of another, you deserve to have yours taken. And that is the Power of the Sword, spoken of in Scripture.
Having said that, what happen yestersday morning was also a crime. The death of a human being. Most of us in the Pro-Life movemant prayed for his heart to be changed, not for his death. His fate was in
G-d's Hands. The way to settle this matter is to change the law, not kill doctors who perform abortions.
The problem is this: while there may be things where the life of the mother is in danger and a choice must be made (some will chose the child, otheres the mother) abortion MUST be a medical need and not because of the burden this child shall be.
We live in a throw-away world.
If it cramps my style, be it parnets, spouse, job, school, or a so-called unplanned pregnancy, out it goes. If you have plan to have sex, you are planning to have a child; unless you cannot have children, remember, BirthControl doesn't always work.
As long as we view the unborn as blots of so such unwanted tissue, abortion doctors will always have work.
How a nation treats its poor, children and elderly speaks volumns about that nation.
The man who shot and killed Dr.Tiller was just as wrong as the doctor.
But it wasn't his place to play G-d. His actions are unexcusable.
And now he will have to stand before G-d and Man to answer for his crime. Sadly, we who are Pro-Life are going to be lumped along side with the actions of this murder. As if we pull the gun in his hand and told him to shoot.
And that isn't right either.
He destroyed two families: the Tillers and his own.
He would have done better to leave judgement in the hands of the courts and in G-d's.
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