Thursday, 11 June 2009

Something To Make You Laugh :)

Ok, has been alittle heavy in here the past few days.

And frankly that isn't the reason why my faithful readers and friends come here for.
So, something to make you smile.
Just as I was preparing for Mark's homecoming, I stopped at one of my flavorite places to pick up some 'girlie stuff' (this is a family journal) You, stuff with lots of lace :)
Anyho, the saleswoman looked at my...hmmm...choices, then at me and then back at the 'Candy wrapping.' (Mark's words, not mine)
I smiled.
"Please forgive me if this seems rude...."
You know it's going to be good when someone says that.

"But I didn't think a woman like you...I 'wear this?'
My smile got bigger. "No offend taken. Yes, I do. Just because one is modest, doesn't mean one doesn't like to have nice things. And our husbands love them on us, too. In fact, you would be amazed at what we wear under our long skirts and blouses."
She smiled weakly.
"It's ok," I let her off the hook. "It is always better to ask a question than to stare, yes?"
I wanted until I was downstairs and the under end of the Mall before I allowed myself to laugh.
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