Monday, 1 June 2009

Summer Time at Last

OK, summer isn't really until 21 June, but for me, Summer begins June first.
Something about the sun seems to feel warmer and hangs about longer like a dear friend.

Time for lemon-aide, SunTea and grilling salmon on the grill. I plan to buy one of those tiny little grills you can use on the fire-escape. Time for salads, fried chicken, watermelon and mint chocolate ice cream.

And getting up at 6 a.m to speed walk it all off.

Mark comes home tomorrow evening. Actually around 10p.m.

And we have six wonderful days ahead of us.

I have already started planning our getaway. Williamburge of course.

We would take in a Broadway Show, but army captains don't rate for obtaining AirForce One.

This evening, after I finish the task I have set for myself, I shall paint my toenails pink.

Another one of my summer traditions: nail polish on-shoes off.

I shall wash and braid my hair and get ready for my big guy's arrival.
I have missed that man.
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