Monday, 8 June 2009

Other Blogs

Yes, I know, I used the word....blogs.
But that is what others call them.
OK, I'm whining....
Anyho, I was reading a few military wives blogs, seeing how my sisters' doing.
Only one I would dare comment on and use her name.
The others are really struggling their husbands' deployments, not able to let it go! Let go of the anger, disappointment, pain.
Some never realized how much influence Uncle Sam had over their marriages.

I found myself doing a double take.
He does?
Yes, we have been hit with a Surprise Deployment.
We have had to make adjustments several times.
But we have never seem Uncle Sam as the one influencing our lives.
G-d does.
Yes, the President is the Commander and Chief and he signs the orders. But it is G-d Who cuts them. Mark signed on that dotted line 15 years ago to serve, protect and defend the Consitition of the Untied States. I his wife, when I married him four years ago this month, married a soldier during a time of war and knew he could be send off at any time.
The Military only shines a light into your marriage. It can show up what is wrong.
And what is right.
The military has strenghten us as a couple and as individuals. Yes, I miss my beloved. And we should the time and distrance in created ways to share our love and keep the flames burning. Our faith in YeshuaHaMessiah keeps us focus in prayer and in our belief keeps us grounded. As Mark's wife I pray for my warrior and all our nations' heros. I am part of something greater than myself. I am part of what keeps this nation free. Free to worship or not worship as each sees fit. That our languge remains english and if a woman covers her hair it is beccause she choices to, not because she is made to.
Sorry Uncle Sam, but you are not the head of this house.
Yeshua is.
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