Thursday, 11 June 2009

This is How it Begins

Boka Tov:
After PT yesterday fternoon (and I am still recovering) I walked to the store (which I'd done in about 10 months) While it a beautiful June afternoon, I suddenly felt this chill inside. It made me quicken my steps.
I quickly finished my shopping(forgetting the very thing I came to the store for) came home to the news: there was a shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., after a gunman opened fire inside, shooting a security guard before being shot himself. The security guard, Stephan T. Johns, a 39 year old black man, would later die.
Within an hour I would learn that the gunman would be identified as James W. von Brunn, 88, a white supremacist. This morning, it was reported one of his neighors said, Mr. von Brunn thought there was too much in the news about the Holocaust. Given what he been reported to have said about people of colour, I am sure he is none too please with who is the President of the Untied States.
I see a thread here.
There was a plan bombing at a Syngugoe. Thankfully caught in time. Members of a radical Muslim fraction. The reason: hatred of the U.S. Government, Jews
The murder of an Abortion doctor. Member of the group The Freemans, a radical, anti-government group. The reason: The doctor performed abortions
The murder of a U.S. soldier. A radical Muslim. The reason: hatred of the military's "killing of muslims".
The thread; hatred.
Lone wolves? Yes and no. They may have acted alone. Maybe. But they fed on the same mothers milk nursed by the likes of Hitler.
With a huge lost of jobs, busniesses and homes, who is it easy to blame?
With a biracial man in the White House, the bases some (both black and white would use) start a Race/Religious War.
Can't happen? It is happenings.
Mark and I have already faced seeing our house of worshiped sticked with Jew-hate sticks. Our neighorhood stickered with anti-jew and black stickers. We get "the looks" as a Jewish and biracial couple.
I have had the honour of being nurse to patients who survived the Camps many would say never existed. I had a friend die last year, who saw almost her whole family wiped out in Germany.
They have all told me, this is how it begins.
But I have a ray of hope: I believe that we will learn from the mistakes of the past. History is a wonderful teacher.
We must be watchful, prayerful and do not allow the seeds of hate to be planted in our homes or our children. We must be willing to accept our differences as adults and work thrus peace in our borders. This is the gift we, the U.S can give the world. We claim to be a Judeo-Christian Nation: let's start acting like it!
As Bill Cosby would say: Come on People!
The War on Terror still rages, Mr. President. It is in our own backyard.
And I don' believe the Terrorism, whatever their skin colour or belief, shall win that war. Not here.
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