Sunday, 7 June 2009

What A week :)

Last week at this time, I counting down the hours to when my beloved would be coming home.
This evening, I am waiting for the phone to ring, letting me know he arrived in Uath saftey.
Yes, Mark has left after nearly a week together. He had to report to his unit in Uath today.
It has been quite a week. We hit a few bumps, but then, what would our lives be without a few bumps here and there? Thank G-d no car accidents.
We stayed at a wonderful hotel. Had lousy Starbucks and left one place shaking our heads as we headed for a phone to call the health department. We met Santa on his off day and came home with two new family members.
And of course, lots of laugher, pictures and memories we shall share, G-d willing for many years. So, right now I have some suitcases to unpack and things to rise out.
Pictures forthcoming.
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