Monday, 8 June 2009

Our First Evening; Don't Go There-Go There

Boka Tov:
Second cup of coffee (hey, it's Starbucks)
Mark decided that to begin the celebration of my birthday/ our anniversary, he would take me out for a streak supper.
This gave me a chance to wear my new brown skirt and show off how nicely I am walking these days. (Mark says there is a huge improvement).
We went to a well-known streak house here in Ghent known as Magnola's. A very old landmark in Norfolk.
Pity it isn't live up to its name.
We walked into a very cold restaurant. The A/C was on full blast and the waiter gave me the "we don't like your kind," when he showed us to our table.
Yes, I am trying to put on a brave face. The building smelled of mild-dew.

And this was the lovely table we were seated at. They didn't even bother laying a tablecloth over it. So we asked to be seated outside. There we were served reheated tiny pieces of what was suppose to be corn muffin and two halves of dinner rolls that did not match. The menu? If you order your streak anything past medium (done) they could not promise if the meat would be any good. Which means the meat would be a poor cut. Plus, they couldn't promise if any part of your streak would not be raw or undercooked.
And then there is the ceiling tile over the fireplace which was about to fall and the light fixture going up into the ceiling.
After our complains went in one ear and out the other, we left.
And I have called the Health Department. They are checking into it.
So Mark took me to a wonderful nearby middle-eastern place called Pashua's We have eaten there twice and they rolled out the red carpit. making up for the other place.
Rosebush on the Patio.

Black olive pata. Yummy

A Divine Toute that when even cut in half, we couldn't finish.

And of course, Turkish cup.
It turned into a beautiful evening.

Even the rain stayed away.

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